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The Argumentative Essay

In the argumentative essay, you are explicitly advocating for a point of view. While in every essay you have a thesis that you are proving, in the argumentative essay that thesis must be confrontational and take a strong stand against an opposing view. While writing your essay, imagine that a person with the opposing point of view is standing in front of you; how can you convince that person that your argument is right?


Briefly introduce the context for your topic, and present your thesis.

Body #1: Confront the Opposing View Point

Begin by confronting your opponent head-on. Accurately present the opposing viewpoint. Then explain the flaws in your opponent’s argument and re-present your thesis.

Body #2: Present First Support of Your Thesis

Present your first piece of critical evidence to support your thesis. Evidence can take many forms, such as an interview, data, or first-hand observation, but you must make sure that it is not just your opinion. Evidence must come from outside your own mind.

Body #3: Present Second Support of Your Thesis

Present your second piece of critical evidence. Make sure that both the information and point you are making are distinct from the previous section. Constant repetition of the same point is a sign of a weak argument!


Affirm your thesis one last time, pointing out to your reader that you have both refuted the opposing view point and proven your own argument.

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