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Comparison Essay: Block Approach

In the block form of the comparison essay, you discuss each of the articles or topics separately and then in the final body paragraph integrate your discussion this is the point where you directly compare the two ideas. While your final body paragraph is the heart of your comparison essay, it may be the smallest since you have already done the work of describing the two ideas in your earlier paragraphs.


Briefly describe the two things you are comparing, and present your thesis.

Sample Introduction:

While football and baseball share many similar characteristics, they are fundamentally different sports. In football, brawn is the deciding factor, while in baseball it is brains.

Body #1: First Article

Summarize the essential parts of the first article. While you want to introduce the reader to the article as a whole, focus on only those parts that are critical to proving your thesis statement.

Sample Body #1: Discussion of Football

Football is a contact sport in which it is required that players directly attack one another. For this reason, they must wear heavy padding and protective helmets. While the quarterback must make important tactical decisions, the job of the majority of the players is to attack and intimidate the opposite team.

Transition: Why are the first and second articles relevant to one another? How do they connect?

Sample Transition:

Whereas in football only the quarterback is in charge of making decisions, in baseball many players set the strategy of the team.

Body #2: Second Article

Summarize the essential parts of the second article. While you want to introduce the reader to the article as a whole, focus on only those parts that are critical to proving your thesis statement. When appropriate, make reference to the first article, creating a bridge to your final body paragraph.

Sample Body #2: Discussion of Baseball

Baseball is a non-contact sport in which a player will be chastised or removed from the game if he/she attacks a member of the opposite team. For this reason, only the catcher wears protective clothing, and the rate of injury is much lower than in football. Players must rely instead on their critical reasoning skills in order to anticipate the actions of the opposing team.

Body # 3: Comparison of First and Second Articles

Focus on the specific similarities and differences between the two articles. This paragraph should directly affirm your thesis and be based upon your discussions of the two articles.

Sample Comparison:

As I have described, football and baseball are two fundamentally different sports whose players rely on different kinds of talents. Football players rely on their substantial physiques to win games, while in baseball it is the ability to make split-second decisions that characterizes great players. Therefore, an athlete who is an incredible linebacker may make a lousy catcher or vice versa.

Conclusion : Affirm your thesis one last time, letting your reader know that you made good on the promise of your introductory paragraph.

Sample Conclusion:

While these two sports are very different, the one characteristic that they both share is the dedication of the players. Neither sport is easy, and both depend on bravery and perseverance.

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