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SmartPaper: Research Paper

This SmartPaper contains first and final drafts of the research paper "Just Your Average Human Beings," which was written by a student in an English 2 course at Brooklyn College. The first draft is a "SmartPaper" that contains extensive hyperlinked notes written by an English professor, while the final draft (viewable under the "View Final Draft" button in the SmartPaper) is the paper that was turned in at the conclusion of the course.

English 2 is the second level of composition at Brooklyn College and culminates in the student writing a research paper. The subject and parameters of the research paper depend on the particular section of the course. For this particular section of English 2 the assignment was fairly open, and students were free to explore any issue that was related to either the course topic or a particular work. Students were required to use at least four different sources, two of which had to be printed books. This student chose to research the experience of hermaphrodites in society, as connected to a novel that the class read. However, she did not stop by simply researching the topic but instead crafted a strong argument for the recognition of the diversity of gender. In reading the essay, you will notice that she demonstrates a passion for her subject, which is one of the most important contributing factors to any piece of successful writing.

*Please note that the essay contains language with which some may be uncomfortable.*


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